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Going Green

I am helping the environment.

Now Jade Riviera Cancun is committed to employing a variety of eco-friendly and socially responsible practices to promote a sustainable tourism environment.

Now Jade was recently recognized by the Rainforest Alliance for implementing a waste management program in its Exemplary Practices for Sustainable Tourism publication. Click here to learn more!

Green philosophies include:

  • Energy-saving, motion-sensor light switches
  • Water-efficient bathroom systems
  • Biodegradable bathroom amenities (shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, body wash)
  • Grease from kitchen safely discarded through a third-party
  • 100% eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Discarded paper used for arts & crafts in the Explorer’s Club
  • Waste recycling program
  • Protected mangroves surround resort
  • Turtle protection program

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Now Jade Riviera Cancun has achieved significant and measurable sustainability milestones and has received the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ mark. The requirements for certification are aligned with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. This certification assures the commitment of Now Jade to reduce the impact of its activities on the planet and local communities..

Save the Children

Guests of Now Jade have the unique opportunity to help the children of Quintana Roo. For $30 USD per person, guests can purchase a special dinner at either Cin Cin or Mercure restaurant and the money raised helps maintain toy libraries, prevent childhood obesity, and prevent the exploitation of children in Quintana Roo.

Saving Our Sharks

As a standard, our resort restaurants never serve any meals that include any shark species. We continue to support the conservation of sharks with programs like the Saving Our Sharks association through monthly donations to continue research on the state of the wild shark populations.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

By the support of the ecological group Sierra Gorda AC. we reduce our carbon footprint with the reforestation of the Sierra Gorda forest in the state of Queretaro which leads to increased oxygen produced by the forest. This is directly managed by the community, generating sources of employment and at the same time, we are offsetting our carbon footprint.


Now Jade recently added a heating system to all pools that allows the water temperature to oscillate between 82.4°F and 84°F (28°-30°C). The heat used to warm the water is generated by the resort’s coolers contributing to energy savings in the hotel and reducing our impact on the environment as well as creating a more pleasant pool experience for our guests.


To demonstrate a commitment to the community, handmade, local products are sold in shops and stores at Now Jade and all proceeds go to the artists. Additionally, soft and hard goods are donated to local charities.

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