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An Unforgettable Spa Experience

Imagine tranquility, serenity and relaxation in an exquisite setting designed with both of you in mind. Our Now Spa by Pevonia® is a haven for rejuvenating body and facial treatments, soothing hydrotherapy, relaxing massages and pampering salons. And, with award-winning Pevonia® skin care products, you’re treated to an unforgettable spa experience.

Now Spa by Pevonia®

We provide the latest treatments to indulge and invigorate your senses. Enjoy customized indulgent experiences unlike any other with a family-friendly assortment of the most delightful spa journeys available worldwide.

  • Swirling hydrotherapy, sauna, steam room and bracing showers
  • Full-service salon with revitalizing skin and hair treatments, manicures and pedicures
  • Treatment options for kids and teens
  • All-natural products from the world-renowned Pevonia®
Indulge in Secrets Spa treatments

Spa Treatments

Hair Accessory Style

Looking for a fun island look? Let our stylists show you what they can do. From braids to an up-do, fun accessories or extensions, we can transform any hair into a different look.

Strawberry Lemonade Facial

A fun Strawberry Lemon facial treatment to show teens how exciting skin care can be. Includes consultation, skin cleansing, delicate exfoliation, masking, and light de-stress massage of the arms and hands.

Chocolate Massage

A 25-minute relaxation massage designed to put you on island time and away from homework. Relaxes, removes tension caused by sports or poor posture, and leaves you feeling revived.

Mocktail Mani & Pedi

Enjoy a Strawberry Lemonade manicure or pedicure, complete with nail detail, exfoliation, and a deliciously decadent Chocolate massage. Yummy!

Bridal Consultation

Consultation and styling of bridal hair for the bride, bridesmaids, or mothers on the big day. Please remember to bring any special hair pins you wish to incorporate, and don’t forget the finishing touch - your veil!


Getting ready for your date night or wedding day? Let us show you how to apply the perfect tones of makeup for your skin and perfect your techniques with a make-up application, leaving you feeling beautiful and picture ready.

Hairstyle – Short to Medium Length Hair

Have a fresh new cut but not sure how to style it? Let our stylist expert help you get the suave look you desire with a 101 in hair care.

Hairstyle – Long Hair

Beachy waves or pony tail? Let our stylist expert help you get the suave look you desire with a 101 in hair care.

Ladies Haircut

Healthy hair requires maintenance and care. Let one of our stylist experts shape and style your locks to perfection to keep your hair healthy and your look fresh.

Men’s Haircut

If you need a touch-up or a new style, our style experts can help you get there. Haircut includes a delightful shampoo and style so you can relax and look good too.

Relaxation Massage

Uses long, smooth strokes to ease the mind and the body of daily stresses and boosts circulation.

Tension Relief Massage

Uses deep tissue massaging techniques for relieving multiple areas of tension. Includes the use of our Tension Relief Gel to prolong the benefits and deepen muscle relaxation.

Stone Massage

A unique massage using long, smooth strokes, combined with penetrating heat of warm stones. The result is the effect of a deep tissue massage without the heavy pressure for a more relaxed muscle and soothed body.

White Sands Manicure

Combines a reflexology hand treatment with an aromatic and therapeutic manicure. Includes nail detail, exfoliation, moisturizing, and a lavish hand and arm massage; in conjunction with a sedating and custom tension-relieving hand reflexology session. Aroma choices include: Jasmine Lavender, Pineapple Coconut, or Peach Vanilla.

Now Manicure

A natural manicure, complete with nail detail, moisturizing, and choice of polish; using only nail care’s finest products.

White Sands Pedicure

Combines a reflexology foot treatment with an aromatic and therapeutic pedicure. Includes nail detail, callous removal, moisturizing and a lavish leg and foot massage, in conjunction with a sedating and custom tension relieving foot reflexology session. Aroma choices include Jasmine Lavender, Pineapple Coconut, or Peach Vanilla.

Now Pedicure

A natural pedicure, complete with nail detail, exfoliation, callus removal, moisturizing, and choice of polish, using only the finest nail care products.

Treatment Journeys

Serenity Reflection Journey

Need some peace, quiet, and some time for inner reflection? Escape life’s hectic pace and transcend into a state of profound relaxation with Now Spa’s most sedating services. Serenity awaits you with a 50 minute Massage, Calm Waters Facial Treatment, Velvety Skin Body Polish, and Instant Restore Body Treatment.

Rewind Time Journey

Enjoy unwinding with our signature Rewind Time Journey services, designed to let you escape time and presence to gain mental clarity and peace. Package includes a White Sands Manicure and Pedicure, an 80-minute Stone Massage and a "C" & "Sea"® Restoring Facial Treatment.

Luxurious Journey

In this ultra-luxurious spa day, we are pulling out all the stops with our most elite spa service treatments to leave you feeling completely relaxed from head to toe. Pamper yourself with a customized Now Facial Treatment with De-Stress Eye treatment, a White Sands Sea Scrub, Detox Water Therapy Treatment, and a 50-minute Tension Relief Massage

Tranquility Twosome

Designed with you and your loved one in mind, this couples spa experience will give you both some quality R & R tranquility time together. Package includes couples-customized Now Facial treatments, 50 minute Relaxation Massages and a twosome Hydrotherapy Treatment.

Luxury Love Journey

You are in paradise, Now it is time to escape to the lap of luxury with your one and only and experience this elite spa package. Enjoy couples Calm Waters Facial Treatments, 80-minute Stone Massages, and Zone Out Hand or Foot Treatments.

Paradise Party

Live up life at Now Spa. Have fun experiencing our most exciting spa treatments; CocoGlow Body Scrub, Mocktail Mani and Pedi, and a Make-Up Application with Lesson. Now, you’re ready to party!

The Top Shelf Experience

Pull out all the stops with our top shelf services to party your spa day away in the life of luxury. The Top Shelf Experience includes a "C" & "Sea"® Restoring Facial Treatment, White Sands Sea Scrub, Detox Water Therapy Treatment, White Sands Manicure, and White Sands Pedicure.

Party Sampler

The appetizer of spa packages includes: sampler services to entice your spa treatment appetite. Enjoy a 25-minute Tension Relief Massage, Glow & Go Facial Treatment, and a Zone Out Hand Treatment with Polish.

Body Treatments

Therapeutic Body Treatment

A true wellness body wrap treatment designed to relieve muscle tension, body aches, jet lag, headaches, or fatigue. Natural Moor Mud envelops the body to detoxify, soothe, and revive you from the inside, out; providing mental clarity, restoration, relief, and energy.

CocoGlow Body Treatment

Dip your body in Chocolate decadence with this de-aging, antioxidant powered body wrap treatment. Richly moisturizing and perfectly stimulating, you will leave smelling delicious and feeling irresistible.

Hydra-Calm Body Treatment

Hydrating, soothing, and de-reddening, this ultra-hydrating treatment is ideal for all skin types. Relieves skin sensitives, removes redness, promotes healing to banish breakouts and restores the skin back to calm waters.

Detox Water Therapy

Calm your mind and your muscles while removing toxins and cleansing the body. You will soak in our invigorating hydrotherapy tub, complete with water jets and R & R time to relax & detox. This hydrotherapy treatment is ideal for arthritis, sore muscles and tension, hangovers, and jet lag.

White Sands Sea Scrub

Renew your body and invigorate the senses with this refreshing exfoliation treatment. Using the finest European Sea Salts and minerals combined with natural aromatics, your senses and your body will thank you.

CocoGlow Body Polish

Known for its super antioxidant power, Chocolate is also used to stimulate circulation, brighten the skin, and detoxify. This luxe CocoGlow Body Polish will delight your skin with the delicious scent and nutrients that Chocolate has to offer.

Velvety Soft Body Polish

Scented with only natural aromatics from Rosemary and Lemon, this body exfoliation treatment will leave you refreshed and ready to show some skin.

Instalift Eye Treatment

Immediately get an awakened, bright, and lifted eye contour with our signature Instalift Eye Treatment. Perfect for those with discolorations, sagging, and lines around the eyes. Ideal before date night, the big day, or just to look your eyemazing best!

De-Stress Eye Treatment

Relieve eye strain, dehydration, and puffiness with this cooling and soothing eye treatment. Collagen hydrates while Ginkgo relieves puffiness and tension, leaving the eyes awakened and refreshed.

Glow & Go Facial Treatment

Experience a beautiful complexion in a flash with this custom facial treatment, designed to give you instant luminosity and balance.

Mini Facial

Need a quick pick me up? The Exfoliate & Hydrate Treatment will quickly cleanse and exfoliate the skin to get you make-up ready and relaxed! Bonus: enjoy a decadent scalp massage to de-stress and sedate the senses.

Zone Out Hand Treatment

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, can promote relaxation and tension relief while inducing a restful night and positive energy. This zone therapy hand treatment also includes a decadent, hydrating hand treatment to moisturize and de-age.

Zone Out Foot Treatment

Combining reflexology, or zone therapy, with this tension relief foot treatment, you will experience sedation at its finest. Perfect after a long day of hiking or shopping to soothe tired tootsies!

Tension Relief Massage

Quickly relieve tension in your most stressed areas of the body, the neck, back, and shoulders. A must-have treatment to take the edge off, relieve headache discomfort or as an introduction to massage.

Firm Lift & Glow® Treatment

Immediately smooth lines, lift sagging skin, and lighten hyperpigmentation spots with this age rewind high-performance facial treatment. Using peptides and antioxidants, combined with natural technologies, these nutrients seep deep into the skin, to also promote long-term repair and age prevention. This luxury preventive and de-aging treatment is designed for mature and damaged skin.

Complexion Perfection Treatment

A superpower beauty protein blends with powerhouse botanicals to deliver instant results for complexion perfection. This treatment renders your skin tighter, smoother, and with minimized visible pores for an envious matte, shine-free, look. Perfect for all ages and skin types, but especially ideal for those struggling with excess oiliness.

Calm Waters Treatment

Hydrating, soothing, and de-reddening, this ultra-hydrating treatment is ideal for all skin types. Relieves skin sensitives, removes redness, promotes healing to banish breakouts and restores tranquility to the skin.

"C" & "Sea"® Restoring Treatment

Sun damage and lifestyle habits can take a toll on our skin, leaving it dull, dehydrated and pre-maturely aged with discolorations. Restore youthfulness and luminosity to your skin with this multi-layer Vitamin C and Seaweed facial treatment experience.

Now Deep Cleanse

Customized for your skin type, this deep cleansing facial treatment will cleanse the skin of impurities and congestion, exfoliate, and smooth; while drenching the skin in hydration and nutrients to leave you putting your best face forward. Includes ampoule of your choice.

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  • Can I get an expert recommendation?

  • When should I arrive at the Spa?

  • How should I dress?

  • What should I do in advance?