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South America
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Up To 3 Nights
Sleep in. Soak up the sun's healing warmth. It will take no time for you to unwind.
4–6 Nights
Settle into a serene rhythm of life, where fulfilling your every wish is our top priority.
7 Nights Or More
Paradise is everything you dreamed of, when you take the time to experience it fully.
What type of atmosphere are you looking for?
Chic & modern
Cultural Infusion
Fun & colorful
Active & energetic
Traditional elegance
Stylish & contemporary
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Beachside Relaxing & Ocean Swims
Lounging Poolside
Shopping Downtown
Relaxing At The Spa
Playing golf
Fun At The Casino
Exciting Nightlife
Walks To Sights Off-Property
Swimout Suites
An All Suites Resort
Family/group suites
A Beach Club
Water Slides
Access to Facilities Next Door
Free Unlimited WiFi
This resort is perfect for you!
Dreams Capri Riviera Cancun
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