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Weddings Frequently Asked Questions

Do you hold destination weddings at your resort?
Yes, we hold weddings at all of our resorts

Is there a dedicated wedding planner on site? Can they be reached by email?
There is a dedicated wedding planner on site at Now Onyx Punta Cana. The wedding planner can be reached at: weddings.noopc@nowresorts.com

What services does your wedding planner provide? Is there a fee?
There is no fee for the use of our wedding coordinator. A specialist will be with you to assist prior to and on your special day!

How much time would we need to reserve our wedding in advance?
Weddings should be reserved at least three months in advance but one year is preferable if you have exact dates in mind.

How can we confirm our wedding date?
There is a Wedding Request Form listed on the Now Onyx Punta Cana weddings page. Just fill out this form and if the date is available, the wedding department will be happy to confirm availability. The wedding will be considered confirmed only when you receive a written communication stating so.

What if we want to reserve on short notice?
You should contact the wedding coordinator directly.

How many days do we need to arrive prior to the ceremony?
The Dominican Republic requires that you be in the country at least three business days prior. Saturdays, Sundays and Dominican holidays do not count. Your arrival day does not count toward the “business day” requirement. You must arrive three FULL business days prior. Be sure to confirm dates and arrangements with your wedding planner to be sure requirements are being met.

What is the difference between legal (civil), religious and symbolic ceremonies?
A civil ceremony is performed by a judge and religious ceremony is performed by a Catholic priest (please note that Catholic ceremonies cannot be performed on the beach). The required paperwork will need to be arranged directly with the priest. Both civil and religious ceremonies are legally recognized. Symbolic ceremonies and renewal of vows are performed by the wedding coordinator and have no legal bearing.

Do we need to send any documentation prior to arrival?
The wedding department needs to have copies of the documentation (for approval) prior to arrival. The copies can be sent via email or fax.

Why do weddings have an additional charge, when Now Onyx Punta Cana is an all inclusive resort?
Now Onyx Punta Cana includes Unlimited Luxury service, under this service all meals, beverage and entertainment are; however private functions, like weddings, events, etc, require a different set up, menu, and staff. Therefore, all these services will require additional charges.

What do you offer in the way of decorations?
We can decorate the area with flowers, beautiful seating arrangements, etc. Please speak with your wedding coordinator to discuss any special arrangements.

What time of day do most destination weddings occur? Why?
We recommend having your wedding between 4 and 6:00PM for the best light – and to be sure there is plenty of time to take pictures after the ceremony.

What time are the sunset and the approximate temperature an hour before?
Depending on the season, sunset can be anywhere from 5:30 – 7 pm.

Will there be other weddings taking place during the same time as ours?
Your special time is yours and yours only however, there may be other weddings performed on the same day at different times or locations.

If we want our wedding on the beach, what is the set-up?
The beach set-up is an elegant arrangement of a decorated arch for the ceremony as well as decorated chairs for the guests.

How do I get the free wedding that is advertised?
This complimentary wedding package is available when staying 7 nights in the specified room category or book 5 rooms in any category for a minimum of 3 nights.

Is it performed in English or Spanish?
Most ceremonies are performed in Spanish with an English translator. Some judges speak English, however, we cannot guarantee which official will perform the ceremony. Ministers are fluent in English and are able to perform symbolic ceremonies in either language.

What is the cost of a destination wedding at your resort, or is it included in the price of our stay?
We offer three packages that can be found on the wedding page of the resort’s website. Rates and inclusions depend on which package you prefer.

Do you offer a set destination wedding package, or do we choose the elements individually?
We have three set packages, however; you may add anything extra that you wish. Be sure to review our Wedding Guide for more details, or speak with the wedding coordinator to discuss additional requests.

If I want to bring friends and family members, do you offer a discount on the price of rooms?
Group rates are available when booking 10 rooms or more. We suggest our wedding couples re-quote the room rates with a Travel Agent or Tour Operator.

How many guests are permitted at your standard destination wedding? What do you charge if we exceed that number?
Packages are valid for either 10 or 20 guests. Additional guests would incur an additional charge.

Do you require a down payment? How much? When is the balance due?
Yes. The Your Moments Wedding Package requires $100 USD deposit; Now to Eternity and Divine Wedding Packages deposit and payment terms are determined by the contract that you enter with the wedding coordinator at the resort upon booking your wedding. The first deposit is made after initial communication to hold and confirm the wedding dates. The balance is due upon your arrival at the resort and final details are confirmed with the wedding coordinator.

What is your cancellation policy?
No cancellation penalties will be assessed if cancelled at least 6 months before the wedding. However, the deposit will not be refunded if wedding is cancelled without the 6 month notice.

Who performs the ceremony at your resort?
A symbolic ceremony is included in the wedding packages. Should you wish to have a minister or judge officiate, there will be an additional government surcharge.

What if we want a ceremony that honors a particular religion; can someone of that faith be provided?
No, but feel free to bring your own official of that religion.

On the other hand, what if we want a ceremony that does not bring in religion?
Non religious ceremonies are definitely an option.

How long is the ceremony?
The ceremony itself only lasts about 20 minutes, however the cocktail and reception shortly follow.

What do brides and grooms typically wear at your resort for destination weddings?
Brides usually wear a beautiful white gown, while grooms usually prefer khakis and a white dress shirt. Most couples also prefer bare feet on the beach, of course.

Will someone be available to iron my wedding dress?
Wedding gown preparation is included in our wedding packages.

What do you do if I schedule an outside ceremony and reception—and it rains? Do you have a picture of the back up plan?
Our back up plan is the ballroom. Please contact the wedding coordinator directly to request a picture of that area.

What types of flowers are available locally? Is there a florist onsite?
Almost all kinds of flowers can be provided, some at an additional cost. We work with local florists to make sure there is a great selection to choose from.

Is live music available?
Yes. The wedding coordinator can send you details and recommendations and you can also see further details in the Wedding Guide found on the wedding page of the website.

Can we supply our own music on CD?
Yes, though sound system equipment has an additional charge.

Can you email me suggested menus for the reception?
Yes, our wedding coordinator can give you many different menu options to choose from. Please also refer to select menu options in the Wedding Guide found on the resort’s main wedding page.