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Weddings Frequently Asked Questions

Do you hold destination weddings at your resort?
Yes, we do!

Is there a dedicated wedding planner on site? Can they be reached by email?
There is a dedicated wedding coordinator at Now Jade. Their email addresses are as follows:
Wedding Coordinator

Can you let me know availability for the other properties?
Please contact the wedding coordinator at each resort as each handles their own wedding schedule.

What services does your wedding planner provide? Is there a fee?
There is no fee for the use of our wedding coordinators. A specialist will assist you prior to and on your special day and they are available throughout the entire experience to answer any question you may have regarding yourevent.

How much time would we need to reserve our wedding in advance?
Weddings should be reserved at least four months in advance but one year or more is preferable if you have exact dates in mind. Some months are more popular for weddings then others, those dates are usually reserved fast!

How can we confirm our wedding date?
There is a Wedding Request Form listed on each of our resorts’ wedding pages. Just fill out this form and if the date is available, the weddings department at the resort will be happy to reserve a tentative date. After we receive a deposit and the signed contract, we will reserve that date for you.

What if we want to reserve on short notice?
You should contact the wedding coordinator directly

How many days do we need to arrive prior to the ceremony?
Mexico requires that you be in the country at least four business days prior. Saturdays, Sundays and Mexican holidays do not count. Your arrival day does not count toward the “business day” requirement. You must arrive four FULL business days prior.

What is the difference between legal (civil), religious and symbolic ceremonies?
Only a civil ceremony is legally recognized. A religious ceremony has no legal bearing and does not replace in any way the binding legal civil marriage. A renewal of vows or religious ceremony is a symbolic ceremony. It is performed by a non-denominational minister. (Please note that Catholic ceremonies cannot be performed outside the church). The bride and groom will receive a symbolic marriage which is not legally.

Do we need to send any documentation prior to arrival?
Yes. All legal documentation must be sent at least one month in advance to verify all information. Also, you must have all originals with you when you arrive at the resort.

What private indoor and outdoor areas of the resort are available for a wedding?
We have 4 different options for ceremony location at the property; the time is subject to availability.

  • Beach ( from 2 to 80 guest)
  • Garden ( from 10 to 120 guest)
  • Pergola Deck ( from 10 to 80 guest)
  • Fountain ( from 2 to 40 guest)

We have 6 different options for reception location at the property; the location is subject to availability.

  • Pool Terrace ( maximum 40 guest)
  • Ocean Front Deck (Carnival Terrace) ( maximum 60 guest)
  • Beach ( maximum 80 guest)
  • Garden ( maximum 120 guest)
  • Bamboo Room ( Private Ocean View Room – Maximum 80 guest)
  • Castaways Restaurant ( from 07:00pm-10:00pm Maximum 120 guest)

Are indoor spaces air-conditioned?
Our Ballroom is air-conditioned and is also a great back-up plan in case of bad weather.

What about guests not staying at the resort?
Guests who chose to come only for the event will have to purchase a day pass. This will be an additional cost. There are also special discounted children’s rates available for our family friendly resorts.

Can you email me a layout and images of these places?
Absolutely, just contact the wedding coordinator and let her know which locations you are interested in. She will be happy to send you pictures of each location.

What do you offer in the way of decorations?
Decorations are dependent on which wedding package is selected. You may also request additional decorations with the wedding coordinator. The costs will be added to your wedding quote.

If we want our wedding on the beach, how is it set up?
The beach set up consists of a ceremonial table and white, covered guest chairs facing the ocean. If you would like any additional decor such as a flowered canopy, corsages on the chairs, a flower arch, columns with flowers or bows for the chairs, this should be requested and quoted by the wedding coordinator.

How do I get the free wedding that is advertised?
This package is available when staying a minimum of 7 nights, or 5 rooms for 3 nights in a Preferred Club Junior Suite Ocean Front.
This complementary package is not combinable with other promotions, exchangeable for cash or other services.
The complementary package cannot be discounted for the Eternity or Divine package , their prices are independent to the complementary package.

Is the wedding performed in English or Spanish?
Legal ceremonies and Symbolic ceremonies are all performed in English.

What if I don’t have a witness?
If you do not have witnesses available, they can be provided by the resort at an additional cost. Will there be other weddings taking place during the same time as ours? No. Your special time is yours and yours only.

What is the cost of a destination wedding at your resort, or is it included in the price of our stay?
We offer several packages. Rates and inclusions depend on which package you choose. Please refer to the main wedding package section of the website for details.

Do you offer a set wedding package, or can we choose the elements individually?
We have three set packages however, you can add anything extra that you wish.

Can you email a price list to me? Do you expect those prices to change by the date of my wedding?
Yes, we can email the prices to you. However, until a contract is signed prices are subject to change as services are provided by outside vendors.

If I want to bring friends and family members, do you offer a discount on the price of rooms?
Special group rates are available when booking ten rooms or more.

How many guests are permitted at your standard destination wedding? What do you charge if we exceed that number?
Packages are valid for either 10 or 25 guests. Additional guests would require an additional charge. Please ask you wedding coordinator for pricing details.

Do you require a down payment?
For the Your Moments Package, a $100 deposit is required. For the Now to Eternity and DivineWedding Package, a $500 deposit is required. The deposits are necessary to hold and confirm the wedding dates and will be applied to the total cost of the wedding package.

What is your cancellation policy?

The resort request a deposit of $100 usd for Your moments wedding packages or $500 usd for eternity & divine package

This deposit is refundable until six months before the wedding date in case of cancellation .The deposit becomes non refundable six months or less to the wedding date in case of cancelation.

The initial deposit is not transferable between Secrets, Dreams or Now Resorts ,it is exclusive for the resort booked.

Who performs the ceremony at your resort?
A local judge or minister will come to the resort to perform your ceremony.

What if we want a ceremony that honors a particular religion; can someone of that faith be provided?
We can perform Catholic and other Christian ceremonies. The minister or officiate should be contracted directly by the couple.

What if we want a ceremony that honors a particular religion; can someone of that faith be provided?
We offer Civil Ceremonies (Justice of the Peace) or non-legal ceremonies (Symbolic by a Christian Minister). If you would like to bring your own minister you are more then welcome to do so.

On the other hand, what if we want a ceremony that is not religious?
Non religious ceremonies are an option at all of our resorts.

How long is the ceremony?
The ceremony lasts about 20 minutes. The cocktail party and reception follow shortly after.

What do brides and grooms typically wear at your resort weddings?
Brides usually wear the beautiful white gown they have always dreamed of. Grooms often choose to wear khakis and a white dress shirt. Most couples also prefer to go barefooted. However, the choice of your attire is up to you.

Will someone be available to iron my wedding dress?
Wedding dress preparation is included in the wedding package.

What happens if we choose an outdoor ceremony and reception -- and it rains? Do you have a picture of the back up plan?
We always have a back up plan for your ceremony! Depending on the size of your group, your ceremony may be moved the to the ballroom.

What time is the sunset?
October thru March sunset is around 5:30 pm, April thru October sunset is approximately 7:30 pm.

What types of flowers are available locally?
Flowers available include lilies, Calla Lilies, roses and gerbera daisies. Any special flower requests should be made with the wedding coordinator at least two months in advance.

Is live music available?
Yes, we have a mariachi band, a trio, guitarist and violinist.

Can we supply our own music on CD?
Yes. Please discuss this with the wedding coordinator. There may be an additional rental equipment fee.

Can you email me suggested menus for the reception?
We have a several wedding menu options. Please ask the wedding coordinator for more details.

What can you supply in the way of a wedding cake?
You will choose your cake during your meeting with the wedding coordinator after your arrival.

Do you provide photography/videography services?
We do have our own in house photographer and vidoeographer. However, you are able to have any service you like, please simply note a nominal external vendor fee may apply.

Is there someone who can handle the legal details for us and will guide us through the process?
Yes, the wedding coordinator deals directly with the local officials to coordinate the legalized wedding process.

What are the requirements to get a marriage license in your Mexico?

  • Valid passport
  • Tourist Cards (blue sheets that you receive at the airport)
  • Apostille certified birth certificates for Bride & Groom (see below)
    • If applicable, final Record of Divorce
    • If applicable, Death Certificate
  • Health certificate and blood test provided by a Mexican Official*
  • Bride & Groom must arrive four days prior to the ceremony! (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays do not count). *Additional costs apply.
  • Name, addresses, nationalities, ages, occupation, relationships, passports and copy of a tourist card and a valid identification of the 4 witnesses.

Are witnesses required?
Yes, four witnesses must arrive four days prior to the ceremony with passports and tourist cards (blue sheet received at the airport), witnesses can be provided by the hotel if needed.

What is an Apostille document? Why do I need it and where do I get it?
Apostille is a French word which means a certification. It is commonly used in English to refer to the legalization of a document for international use under the terms of the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. Documents which have been notarized by a notary public, and certain other documents, and then certified with a conformant apostille are accepted for legal use in all the nations that have signed the Hague Convention. (courtesy of Wikipedia,

I was divorced less than one year ago. Can I have my civil ceremony at the resort?
If you have been recently divorced you will need to wait at least one year before remarrying in Mexico, and you must bring a copy of your divorce decree.

Can I translate my divorce decree and apostille document prior to my arrival to the resort?
Divorce decree must be apostilled and translated prior to the arrival to the resort.

Do we need proof of any medical tests?
Yes, a blood test must be taken (see below).

Do I need a blood test and if so, what diseases does it check for?
The blood test must be performed in Mexico and should not be taken more than 14 days prior to the ceremony. The blood will be tested for HIV, RPR (sexually transmitted diseases) and blood type. The results, together with a certificate of the blood test will be ready in 24 hours. Upon arrival, your wedding coordinator sets the appointment for the next morning at 8.00 A.M. The test requires an empty stomach. The doctor will perform the blood test either in your room or in the coordinator’s office.

What is the price of the blood test?
The charge is $250 per couple. The payment must be made directly with the doctor in either cash or traveler’s checks or can be charged to your room account. Can I have a doctor perform the test in my country and take the results to the resort? No, the test must be taken in Mexico in order to be valid, no exceptions.

Will I be able to participate in the wedding ceremony if the test comes back positive?
No. According to Mexican law, if your test comes back positive you can not be married in Mexico.

If we have to travel offsite to get the license, does your resort provide transportation?
The wedding coordinator provides the license to you immediately after the ceremony so no transportation required.

If my name is different from the passport and birth certificate will this present problem?
Yes, in order for the documents to be finalized and legal in Mexico, there must be proof for different names in order to get married (ie. divorce, birth certificates, etc).

Will the judge perform the ceremony if all of our documents are not in order? Are there any exceptions?
No, there are no exceptions. All documents must be presented, and they must be in order for the ceremony to take place. Your wedding coordinator will help assure that everything is in order.

Can you make an internet webcam available during the ceremony?
Plans are currently underway to have webcams available for our wedding ceremonies.

How long will it take to get our pictures back, and can they be quickly posted on an online album?
If you choose a photographer provided by our wedding coordinator, expect to receive your photos and photo album the day after the ceremony. Depending on the package chosen, your images will be presented on DVD or in a lovely album.

Do I need any immunizations before traveling?
You do not need any immunizations to travel to Mexico.

What is the time zone?
The Riviera Maya, Mexico is in the Central Time Zone.

Can I drink the water?
Yes, all of our resorts have their own water purification system allowing the water you drink to be clean and pure. Purified bottled water is also readily available. Please be careful when venturing out of our resorts.

Can I bring dollars?
Yes, American dollars are recognized and accepted in Mexico.

Is it easy to enter into Mexico?
You must have a valid passport to enter Mexico. Due to the large number of passport applications, the US Government has allowed some passport flexibility to these countries. Please visit for details.

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